Spring 2013

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Show Time

Nurturing the next generation of musical theater talent

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Game Changer

Kelly Amonte Hiller has altered, expanded lacrosse

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Give Me a Break

Gap-year students arrive at Northwestern well focused

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A Record-Breaking Reunion

Alumni set attendance record at Reunion Weekend

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Campus Life

Sustainability Scorecard

University looks to reduce its environmental impact

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YouTube Stars Shine

Northwestern music, comedy performers find outlet online

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Mini Northwestern

Junior creates detailed 3-D model of the Evanston campus

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Knit Your Worries Away

Junior's company promotes mental health awareness

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Kellogg student's company publishes short e-books

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Snap Happy

Northwestern lecturer documents 2012 in photos

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Then: The Sandwichman

William Froehlig delivered late-night snacks for decades

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Collections: Our Man in Tokyo

Professor helped draft a new ­constitution for Japan

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Allergic Response

Prof has personal stake in fight against food allergies

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The Practical Professor

Morris Fine bridges gap between research and industry

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Pitching Against Adversity

Hurler Luke Farrell is finally healthy on the hill

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To the Point

Fencing's a family affair All-American Dayana Sarkisova

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Golfer Has Long Links to the Game

Scotsman Josh Jamieson has a strong golf lineage

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Alumni Life

Good Medicine

Frable gift funds scholarships for top medical students

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A Day Like No Other

A Day with Northwestern serves potent intellectual brew

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Elaine Helm: On Deadline

Roller derby MVP Elaine Helm skates hard on deadline

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Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl goes global

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Alumni Updates

Gita Pullapilly, Michelle Grabner and Janessa Goldbeck

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Remembering a World War II code cracker

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Purple Prose

Voice, Interrupted

An editor finds himself at a loss for words

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