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RespectNU is not a replacement for emergency services. Any student who may be the victim of a hate crime or other incident requiring police intervention should immediately:

Like wise, RespectNU is not are placement for the Northwestern University's Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (OEOA). While the Bias Incident Incident Response Team (BIRT) will refer students who may have experienced prohibited discrimination to OEOA and will notify OEOA of any incident that violates Northwestern's Policy on Discrimination and Harassment, it will not conduct formal discrimination investigations. Any student who wishes to pursue a complaint of discrimination or harassment should contact OEOA as follows:

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (OEOA)
Director of Equal Opportunity and Access

Department of Human Resources
720 University Place, Evanston, IL 60208
Phone:  847-491-7458
Fax:  847-467-0698

Safe Inclusive Community

The University has a rich variety of resources, services and offices to learn about and support a safe inclusive community.

Northwestern University Policies