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PossePlus Retreat

The Northwestern PossePlus Retreat is an annual event where students, faculty, and staff come together to discuss important issues on campus. It is held off campus for a 3-day, 2-night weekend. The 2020 Posse Plus Retreat will take place April 3-5 in Delavan, Wisconsin. Information on the topic and how to register can be found below. 

Posse Plus Retreat 2020: The State of Our Politics 

As the 2020 election approaches, the country has been talking more about the state of political discourse in the United States. How you engage politically, today, will help determine how this nation deals with these and other issues tomorrow and for years to come. 
But what does political discourse look like in an era of intense polarization? We all have non-negotiables when it comes to what we believe should be the core values of our society. So how can we talk with or work with or negotiate with people who disagree with those core beliefs? 
The 2020 Posse Plus Retreat will focus on how we talk about the hardest issues facing our nation and threatening our democracy. Where will you take this country? How will we get there - together? Who are your generation's voices? How can we collectively ensure that everyone has a voice? And how can we usefully talk about politics today? 

Registration for the Retreat can be accessed here. Please note that we consider all applications thoughtfully, but seek for a balance of guests invited by Posse scholars, a combination of new/returning guests, and representation from multiple different majors and programs of study.