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Kiana Jones



  • School: Weinberg College of Arts & Science
  • Major: Anthropology & Global Health
  • Graduation Year: 2020

Kiana Jones is recognized as a 2020 Jazzy Johnson Waw-Jashk Student Award honoree for dedicating her intelligence and leadership to ensuring Northwestern listens to and adequately supports Black students. Kiana worked extensively on the Black House Renovation Committee and is considered “one of the powerhouses” behind programming such as lock-ins, spring break trips, and parking lot parties for Northwestern’s Black student alliance, For Members Only (FMO).

Often called on by University leadership to provide insight and honesty regarding the experiences of she and her peers, Jones has contributed to the healing of student groups, the relationship between students and administrators, and the relationships between students, administrators, and alumni.

Her nominator remarked that, “similar to the muskrat, Kiana has contributed to societal change [at Northwestern] at a great cost.” Kiana’s time, energy, and labor – and so much more – has allowed Northwestern to become a more inclusive place. Kiana dedicated a tremendous amount of time and care and has done so quietly and humbly. Her nominator further described her as someone who “makes people feel seen, cared for, understood, and supported – while lovingly holding them accountable for the people they want to be.”