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Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors are selected by the Department of Campus Inclusion and Community and the Provost's Office to provide academic and social support to the Posse Scholars.

justin-brown.jpgDr. Justin Brown will serve as the 10th Posse Mentor at Northwestern.

Justin Brown is an Associate Professor of Instruction in the Neurobiology Department and the Posse 10 Mentor at Northwestern University. His approach to teaching and advising is rooted in the belief that students will thrive when given the appropriate support. Justin comes to Posse with four years of experience teaching and advising at Northwestern University and an additional seven years of prior experience teaching and advising undergraduates at Simpson College.

Justin grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiological Sciences, then attended Stanford University where he graduated with a PhD in Neurosciences. Since 2011, Justin has worked as a college professor and has taught across the curriculum including first-year student seminars that focus on the transition from high-school to college, Biology for non-science majors, study abroad courses in Ecuador and Honduras, and a large number of advanced courses for Biology and Neuroscience Majors including Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience, and the Neurobiology of Homeostatic Behavior. Both at Simpson College and most recently at Northwestern University, Justin has earned recognitions for excellent classroom instruction.

In addition to teaching, Justin is also passionate about undergraduate advising and the importance of helping students transition from high-school to college, the importance of helping students take advantage of all of the resources at their disposal, and the importance of providing a non-judgmental space for students in time of crisis or need of academic direction. In recognition of advising excellence, Justin was appointed Co-Director of Professional Development for Faculty Advisors at Simpson College. Here at Northwestern University, Justin advises students enrolled in the Neuroscience Major and meets with approximately 175 students per year to discuss diverse concerns ranging from course selection to career preparation, to the development of efficient study skills.

In joining Posse, Justin looks forward to working with diverse talented scholars and to supporting their college success.

Academic Year Support

For the students' first two years, the mentor meets weekly with the Posse as a group for two hours. Additionally, they meet with each member individually every other week. These sessions support the students' academic success and engagement with the University community.

In the Spring, the Faculty Mentor and Posse staff attend the PossePlus Retreat with the students.

Mentors prepare for the incoming Posse class by attending a three-day session at the Posse Foundation headquarters in New York, a three-day summer retreat with the Posse group and Posse staff in Los Angeles, and a three-day session at the Posse LA site.

Nominations for Campus Mentors

Campus Inclusion & Community accepts all nominations for faculty mentors. Please email with any inquiries.