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Selection & Nomination Process

Campus Inclusion & Community recognizes the meaningful contributions student activists make on the Northwestern Campus. Nominees for the Jazzy Johnson Waw-Jashk Student Award should be those who have committed to creating sustainable and on-going change toward a more inclusive and just Northwestern for two or more years; nominees for the Adam Karr Waw-Jashk Alumni Award should be those who have graduated from Northwestern within the past 10 years and continued commitment to creating sustainable and ongoing change toward inclusivity and justice in a community or organization for at least 3 years. 

The following key words should resonate with each nominee: 


Commitment is demonstrated by those who persist with creating change overtime and who create the structures for others to take over when they depart.

These individuals cultivate leadership within their peers and may not see the fruits of their labors immediately; they are committed to creating change for future generations. 


Courage is not the absence of fear; courage is the ability to face the discomfort and vulnerability that fear presents. It is a willingness to ask for help, to hold ourselves and our peers accountable, and to admit mistakes. It requires centering our communities while being mindful of the active role(s) we play within them.


Care is embodied by those who are driven by a hope for a more interconnected community.  They understand the power of allowing their community to care for them, while caring for the humanity of the members within their community, as they work towards the greater good.


Service is a willingness to do your part to work toward sustainable change. It requires consistent and intentional effort in support of communal needs. Those who exhibit service know how to play to their individual strengths and understand change happens at all different levels, big and small.


Those who embody humility act regardless of title and position, give and receive recognition freely, and have the fortitude to acknowledge what they do not know.  They readily admit their mistakes and know when to apologize. Humility recognizes people who are active in relationship and coalition building towards a vision for a more just Northwestern community.

Nominations can be submitted by completing a short form and uploading a short 1-2 minute audio clip here. Each nomination should address the key words above.

Nominations for the Adam Karr Waw-Jashk Alumni Award must also include contact information for a reference and a 1-2 page letter of recommendation from within the community or organization. 

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