SES One Form

The SES One Form allows students to apply for multiple funding opportunities through one standard application. This ensures campus resources and opportunities are transparent and simple to access. Students share their financial narrative in one application, only one time.

Visit the SES One Form portal today!

SES One Form Partners

Several university departments offer financial assistance in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to fully engage in the Northwestern experience, regardless of socioeconomic status. Listed below are the SES One Form partners. If you aware of other campus funding opportunities, encourage them to join the SES One Form community.

  1. Alternative Student Breaks (Campus Life)
  2. Chicago Field Studies (Weinberg)
  3. Interfraternity Council Scholarship (Fraternity and Sorority Life)
  4. Katz Enrichment Fund (Student Enrichment Services)
  5. Northwestern Panhellenic Association Active Member Scholarship (Fraternity and Sorority Life)
  6. Northwestern Panhellenic Association New Member Scholarship (Fraternity and Sorority Life)
  7. Northwestern University Dance Marathon (Campus Life)
  8. SESP Munger Family Practicum Assistance Fund (School of Education and Social Policy)
  9. SESP Vartan Northwestern Experience Fund (School of Education and Social Policy)
  10. Student Activities Scholarship Fund (Campus Life)


  • How much funding can I apply for through SES One Form?
    • Funding is determined by each individual program or opportunity. SES One Form itself does not provide funding. SES One Form is a portal intended streamline and create visibility for existing funds across campus.
  • Can I apply for SES One Form more than once?
    • Each fund has its own set of policy and procedures, so we encourage you to research each funding opportunity in detail. However, SES One Form allows students to apply for multiple opportunities at multiple points throughout the year.
  • My financial situation has changed. What should I do? Can I edit my One Form profile?
    • Yes, you can edit your profile at any point. However, in addition to editing your profile, contact the individual fund managers to let them know that your financial situation has changed.
    • Also, and most important, you should contact Brian Drabik in Financial Aid at to submit an appeal or “special circumstance application.” More details found at this link.
  • I’m having a technical problem with the SES One Form portal, who should I contact?