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Let's Talk


Tele Talk is a program that offers virtual drop-in consultations with CAPS staff for all Northwestern students. The consultation meetings are informal, friendly and confidential.

Tele Talk is not a substitute for formal counseling and doesn't constitute mental health treatment, but the Tele Talk consultants will listen to your specific concerns, offer support, resources, and introduce you to what it’s like to speak to a member of our staff. 

We are currently offering Tele Talk consultations via Zoom. Book your appointment using the links in the scheduling section below.

Last Tele Talk Session is Friday, 6/11.  Tele Talk will return in the Fall, 2021!

Evanston Campus: Click here to schedule  

Meet the Tele Talk Consultants 

Tele Talk Evanston Campus Schedule
How to Prepare for the Meeting

Please make sure that you are in a private space with a reliable internet connection. You may use headphones to ensure greater privacy.  To reduce distraction please put your phone on silent and deactivate sound notifications on your computer and/or smart phone.

You can join the meeting via audio or video. 

What to Expect

Simply log in to Zoom a couple minutes prior to the start of the meeting using the link you received in the confirmation email. You will be placed in the virtual waiting room and the Tele Talk consultant will let you into the meeting promptly at the start of the session. Speaking with a counselor consultant can provide insight, solutions, and information about other resources. The meeting will last approximately 20 minutes. 

No topic is off-limits. Common concerns include:

Tele Talk is available during the Fall quarter from October 5th 2020 to December 11th 2020. You may register up to 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Chicago Campus Students (graduate/professional students with programs in Chicago), please click here for information on Chicago Tele Talk dates/times and scheduling.


More Questions about Tele Talk?

Visit the FAQ (please link the FAQ document/page here)

 If you don’t find answers there, contact Monika Gutkowska, PsyD, on Evanston Campus or Sean Serluco PsyD for Tele Talk on Chicago Campus.



The Let's Talk Program at Northwestern University is based on the Let's Talk Program at Cornell University. With permission, some of the material from this website has been adapted or reproduced from Cornell University. We would like to thank Matt Boone, LCSW, for his assistance in helping us launch this program on our campus. This successful model has paved the way for us and many others.