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Informal, Friendly and Confidential Consultation

Let’s Talk is a program for all Northwestern students that offers drop-in consultations (in-person and virtual) with a CAPS staff. The consultation meetings are informal, friendly, and confidential.

Let’s Talk is not a substitute for formal counseling and doesn't constitute mental health treatment, but the Let’s Talk consultants will listen to your specific concerns, offer support, resources, and introduce you to what it’s like to speak to a member of our staff.

Let's Talk is available through the academic year (not including summer & university holidays)


Meet the Let's Talk Consultants here!
In-Person Let’s Talk Hours


Women’s Center (2000 Sheridan Road): with Dr. Haley Braun, Postdoctoral Fellow at Evanston CAPS )

*virtual Let’s Talk will be offered on 2/28 instead of in-person at MCC. Sign up for virtual hours below.


Virtual Let’s Talk hours: 

Click here to schedule 

Monday 1:30-3:30 pm on 2/28/22 with Sabaahath Latifi, LCPC from Khalil Center

More Questions about Tele Talk?

Visit the FAQ 

If you don’t find answers there, please contact the CAPS main line (847) 491-2151 for additional questions for Evanston Campus or Sean Serluco PsyD for Tele Talk on Chicago Campus.



The Let's Talk Program at Northwestern University is based on the Let's Talk Program at Cornell University. With permission, some of the material from this website has been adapted or reproduced from Cornell University. We would like to thank Matt Boone, LCSW, for his assistance in helping us launch this program on our campus. This successful model has paved the way for us and many others.