Help a Friend

2 female students talking to each other.

Many people who experience sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking talk to their friends first. How friends respond and support can have a major impact on whether someone continues to seek support. 

  • Listen: Give your friend your complete attention, try not to interrupt or discuss your personal history with them. It is not your role to determine if an assault has occurred. 
  • Support: Offering non-judgmental support and acknowledging your friend's feelings can help create a safe space for them to process and consider next steps. 
  • Refer: You do not have to have all the answers. An important part of being helpful is providing information about options and resources. 

If you think a friend has experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking we encourage you to talk to a CARE staff person to learn about the resources available to both you and your friend. We are here to help both survivors and their support systems.