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Loan Repayment

Most loan repayment begins upon graduation or separation from Northwestern, with the exception of NU Loans issued to undergraduate parents, which require repayment upon disbursement.

You should contact your loan servicer for repayment obligations specific to your loans:

Federal student loan consolidation

Federal loan consolidation is a debt-management tool that allows you to combine all of your eligible federal education loans (not any private loans) into a new loan with a single payment. This may lengthen the payback period up to 30 years and reduce your monthly payment. Most borrowers consolidate their federal loans after graduation or separation date during the post-school grace period, during repayment, or during a period of deferment or forbearance.

Consolidation should be considered carefully. You may give up some valuable features or benefits of your student loans by consolidating, such as Perkins Loan deferment or cancellation provisions.

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