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Financial Aid and Loans

Where to begin

Contact Your Financial Aid Office with questions. They will walk you through options, application procedures and next steps.

Types of loans

Learn more about the loan options available to students and parents. Your financial aid office can give you more information on your options.

How it works

Once you accept an award, read more about the procedures related to the following functions:

Unique Circumstances

For purposes of federal financial aid, there are definitions of circumstances where you have a right to pursue an adjustment to your federal financial aid. Please note that all appeals are reviewed regularly and generally do not require more than a week for a response. In most or many cases outside of peak periods, a response will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

Undergraduate Students:

Special Circumstances - this most often involves a significant reduction in income and can result in an increase in the amount of need-based financial aid. This can also involve extraordinary educational expenses incurred throughout the year that might impact the cost to attend the university. Please refer to the "Loss of Income" review process for reductions in income. Please refer to the "Emergency Aid" form if you have experienced extraordinary expenses. 

Unusual Circumstances - this pertains to extreme cases of neglect or abuse on the part of a parent or parents, whereby it might justifiable to consider the student independent from the family. Please contact the office if this is applicable to your circumstances.

Graduate Students:

Special Circumstances - If you have extraordinary educational expenses that affect your ability to pay for college, you have the right to request consideration. Please note that this pertains only to those wishing to borrow more than the maximum amount in the federal loan programs. Most often this pertains to the Federal Graduate Direct PLUS Loan and amounts in excess of the standard Cost of Attendance (COA). In rare cases, this might provide flexibility in the Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan program for those who were not eligible for the maximum amount of $20,500. If you would like consideration, please contact your financial aid office.