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Submit a Volunteer Opportunity

Submit volunteer opportunities and we can help you spread the word to Northwestern students. We will post ongoing opportunities on our website and pass one-time opportunities along to groups who may be interested. While we can help get the word out, we can't guarantee student interest. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started. 

*We will post your volunteer opportunity for the duration of the academic year. All posts will be removed at the end of the academic year. Please re-submit each summer.

Many Northwestern students are seeking internship experiences. If your organization is looking for more long-term, consistent volunteers, you might attract more student interest if the opportunity is packaged as an internship. Here are some resources for turning your volunteer opportunity into an internship.

You can also post internships (unpaid or paid) or jobs on Handshake, the internship and jobs portal organized by Northwestern Career Advancement.