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Public Service Scholars

Meet our Current PSSP Cohort Members 

Program Overview 

The Public Service Scholars Program (PSSP) is a staff supported leadership development and community engagement program designed for a group of selected students at Northwestern. The program provides students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful public service rooted in the local community and the reflection space to process those experiences. The goal is to build meaningful relationships and practice valuable leadership skills while wrestling with issues of power/privilege and racial inequities in our local context.

Program Format

The Public Service Scholars program consists of group meetings and directed civic engagement work in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park.  The cohort runs from the middle of the fall quarter until the end of the academic year. 

After selection in the fall quarter, the PSSP cohort meets weekly as a group to prepare for community engaged learning .This allows students extended time to build relationships within the cohort and in the community. The fall quarter commitment is about 1-2 total hours per week with the focus on community building within the cohort, learning about the neighborhood in Rogers Park, and a matching process between cohort members and neighborhood community non-profits. The winter and spring quarter commitment is 4 total hours per week, with time spent in direct service in the community and in continued cohort meetings on campus.

The focus will be on the existing partnerships we have in the neighborhood of Rogers Park (our closest Chicago neighborhood to the NU Evanston campus) through our neighbor2neighbor program. All cohort members will be connected at a non-profit or school in the same neighborhood and expected to do direct service work for a couple hours per week in the winter and spring quarters. (Northwestern students can reach the Rogers Park community at no cost by utilizing the NU Ventra card to ride the 201 CTA bus for free.) Another hour per week will be spent gathering as a cohort for discussion and learning on campus. 

Program Application

What Makes a Good Applicant?

Application Process & Timeline