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Books & Breakfast



The longstanding Books & Breakfast program offers a nutritious breakfast and homework help to K-5 students at 7 Evanston elementary schools as well as 6-8th grade students at 1 Evanston middle school. This program currently serves over 250 kids each week supported by dozens of Northwestern students and community volunteers.

Participating in Books & Breakfast means kids start their day not only fortified in body, but also buoyed by the support of an inclusive and caring community. Tutors help with homework and support students socially and emotionally. Through partnership with Books & Breakfast and Leadership Development and Community Engagement, Northwestern students can apply their global learning locally, exploring issues of education equity, community development dynamics, and socioeconomic issues in surrounding neighborhoods.

What's it Like Participating in Books & Breakfast?

Watch this video below to learn more about the program from both tutors and students.

(Credit: Books & Breakfast from joe lim)

About the Tutor Positions

Northwestern students are involved in two ways, some as paid tutors and others as volunteers. 
To get involved right away as a volunteer, check out the Wildcat Connection page for the Books & Breakfast student organization. Email for instructions to join the volunteer team. 

Northwestern tutors are hired for the full academic year; each tutor works 2-3 days per week, depending on their scheduled shift (M/W/F or T/Th), which can change each quarter based on class schedules.

Tutor Resources


Required Qualifications


Reporting Structure

Northwestern tutors will report first to Northwestern staff for matters related to hours, payment, hiring, and general support. The tutors will report second to the Books & Breakfast Executive Director, Kim Hammock, and site directors at each elementary school. The executive director manages NU tutors’ duties and responsibilities during morning sessions.


Click here for the link to apply to be a paid tutor for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Questions? Email

Weekly Schedule

Each tutor works 2-3 days per week. Tutors will be hired for either Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings or for Tuesday/Thursday mornings.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8–9 a.m. (3 hours per week)
Or Tuesday/Thursday: 8–9 a.m. (2 hours per week)

In addition to these regular sessions, NU students are expected to participate in training, classroom visits, and enrichment sessions (approximately 6 hours per quarter). Students will be paid for this time. These sessions might include classroom visits, training on best practices of teaching/mentoring, visits with the principal, and others.