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Leadership Collective Impact Group

Join our Leadership Collective Impact Group today! This is a space for scholar-practitioners to engage in a community of practice about student leadership development and gain practical insight into implementing the Leadership Framework. The group is open to all! We typically meet quarterly for professional development, resource sharing, and making connections that may lead to new and exciting collaborations. 

Leadership Collective Impact Listserv

Join our community of practice, the Leadership Collective Impact Group! Sign up for our LCI listserv HERE.

LCI listserv instruction:

  1. Log in to the email account you want to use to subscribe to the Leadership Collective Impact listserv.
  2. Compose a new plain text email.
  3. Fill in the email as follows:
  4. Send the email. 
    • Note: Do not include a signature in the email body. The signature will stop your subscription from going through. The only thing in the body of the email should be the SUBSCRIBE commands.