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Fiscal Year End Planning

Fiscal Year End 2021 

Key Dates:

  • The 12th and final income distribution may be viewed via Cognos reporting on September 10th.
  • Reporting for the August Period in Fundriver may be viewed October 6


Year-End Requests:

  • Reinvestments to, or Withdrawals from Principal for FY21
    • Email Lauren Armstrong, Stephan Dimos, and your Office of Budget & Planning analyst (if unsure, we will forward for you) as soon as information is available but no later than Monday, September 13th.
      • Requests should include the chartstrings involved, dollar amount to be reinvested or withdrawn (option for quasi’s only), and a brief description of the need for this action. Following approval at both the department and central levels, you can see the journal posted within 2 business days.


  • Changes to endowment spending chartstrings effective September FY22