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Value Statements

The Office of Community Standards Believes In:


Partnering with students, faculty, staff, and community members in a collegial manner that is consistently  respectful and empathic.


Acknowledging the interdependence of the culture and climate of our community and the values and standards we uphold.

Developmental Growth

Educating in a manner that respects the process of growth in the individual and the community. Training, facilitating processes, and offering educational interventions with this front of mind.


Striving to ensure students understand the student conduct process, inviting students to share their stories, and valuing the importance of equitable responses to student behaviors.


Seeking first to understand. Listening and working to empathize with the experiences of those we serve, respecting ones challenges, imperfections, and resilience.


Creating an inclusive climate that empowers a diverse representation of community members to inform fair, equitable processes and standards for Northwestern.