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What happens if a student received a police citation or was arrested and charged with a crime?

The student will have to resolve the issue through both the University Hearing and Appeals process as well as the legal system.

The University’s conduct system is completely independent of legal or criminal proceedings. Because of this, incidents may go through both the University conduct system as well as the legal system concurrently. Because the University is not a court room or legal proceeding, the University is also not bound by decisions or outcomes made in a legal venue when determining whether or not a student is responsible for violating a policy. For instance, if a student is cited for noise off-campus, while the citation might not be upheld in court, the student could still be found responsible for a noise violation through the University.

What goes on my official transcript?

A disciplinary outcome of expulsion will be noted on your official transcripts. Suspensions from the Pritzker School of Law are noted on student transcripts. Suspensions of those enrolled in other schools are not noted on a student’s official transcript.

Furthermore, for Deans Certifications and background checks the University will share outcomes that are suspension level or higher. Visit the Records Retention page for more information.

Will my parents or guardians be notified?

Depending on the incident you were involved in and the policy violation(s) you were found responsible for, your parents or guardians might be notified. If you are under 21 years of age and were found responsible for violating an alcohol, cannabis, and other drug policy your parents or guardians will be notified. For first time violations a letter is sent to your parents or guardians, for second time violations and beyond a letter is sent home to your parents or guardians and they are expected to call the hearing officer. There are also other times that it may be necessary to contact your parent or guardian, specifically when it is necessary to protect your health or safety in connection with an emergency or contacting your parent or guardian is authorized by law and University policy.