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Scope of the Code of Student Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct applies to the following situations. The University reserves the right to investigate and resolve reports of alleged misconduct in all of these situations:

  • Involving students, a group of students, or a student organization affiliated with any school or department or the University as a whole (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Occurring from the time of a students’ application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree (even if the conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded), including, but not limited to:
    • During the academic year
    • Before classes begin or after classes end
    • During time pursuing credit away from the campus (e.g., study abroad, internships, co-­ops)
    • During periods between terms of actual enrollment
    • While on leave from the University
  • Occurring either on or off campus

The University reserves the right to investigate and resolve any report or incident in which a student is alleged to violate any of the principles or policies published by the University or local, state, or federal laws or policies, regardless of the location where the incident occurs. Students are also expected to follow the policies and procedures of institutions that they may visit, including during international travel.

University and residence hall guests are expected to follow all University policies. Student hosts are accountable for the conduct of their guests and may be subject to disciplinary action as the responsible party for violations of University policy incurred by their guests. This applies to individuals, groups, and recognized student organizations.