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Meet the Team

The Office of Community Standards (OCS) professional staff work with various faculty, staff, and students who serve in different roles within the University Hearing and Appeals System (UHAS). As needed, the OCS may designate additional case resolution coordinators, investigators, or panelists (not included below), provided they have received the required training to serve in the role.

Professional Staff members can serve in a variety of roles in the process inclusive of investigator, panel coordinator, case resolution coordinator, and in some exigent circumstances may serve as panelists for sanctioning panels and appellate panels (who have no prior involvement in the case).  Office of Equity staff members investigate and make findings on policies within the Policy on Institutional Equity and Student Code of Conduct.

Please note, student representatives/panelists are not involved in cases related to alleged violations of the Policy on Institutional Equity.

Ron Alexander

Ron Alexander

Assistant Director of Community Standards and Operations, Residential Life

  • Amanda DaSilva, Office of Equity
  • Christine DePilla, Office of Community Standards
  • Colleen Johnston, Office of Equity
  • Evan Williams, Residential Services
  • Heather Cohen, Office of Community Standards
  • Ish Orkar, Office of Equity
  • Jason McKean, Office of Equity
  • Jeremy Schenk, Student Affairs
  • Jessie Payne, Office of Community Standards
  • John Jaso, Residential Services
  • Kristen Beck, Residential Services
  • Lucas Christain, Office of Community Standards
  • Mark Tracz, Residential Services
  • Molly Hutchcroft, Residential Services
  • Mona Dugo, Dean of Students Office
  • Ron Alexander, Residential Services
  • Sarah Loeffler, Residential Services
  • Simone Ige, Residential Services
  • Steve Clark, Residential Services
  • Barbara Shwom, Weinberg
  • Brent Turner, Student Affairs
  • Candace Bergeron, School of Law
  • Daniel Brown, McCormick
  • Daviree Velazquez Phillip, Student Affairs
  • Desiree Hanford, Medill
  • Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe, Provost Office
  • Elizabeth Stein, The Graduate School
  • Howard Kantoff, School of Professional Studies
  • Jenna Braunstein, Medill
  • Jeremy Schenk, Student Affairs
  • Jessica Scott, Medill
  • Jocelyn Francoeur, School of Law
  • Kourtney Cockrell, Student Affairs
  • Laura Droste, Student Affairs
  • Lauren-Ashley Buchanan, The Graduate School
  • Lee West, Provost Office
  • Margaret McCarthy, School of Professional Studies
  • Mary Maher, School of Law
  • Melissa Foster, School of Communication
  • Melissa Sersland, Medill
  • Molly Hutchcroft, Residential Services
  • Mona Dugo, Student Affairs
  • Natalie Bautista, School of Law
  • Nate Daigle, Kellogg
  • Paul Hubinsky, Residential Services
  • Paulina Kijek, Kellogg
  • Puja Patel, School of Law
  • Qui Fogarty, Student Affairs
  • Ricardo Court, Weinberg
  • Ryan Sawicki, Weinberg
  • Sam Milgrom, Student Affairs
  • Sandy Sanguino, Feinberg
  • Sean Kavanaugh, School of Professional Studies
  • Shannon Bartlett, School of Law
  • Sharitza Rivera, Student Affairs
  • Theresa Bratanch, Weinberg
Vanessa Obi

Vanessa Obi

Vanessa Obi is currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Critical Theory. She is part of so many clubs on campus: the Brady Scholars Program, Phi Sigma Pi honor fraternity, WildChatNU, SGI Buddhists for Peace, Fossil Free NU, NUDissenters and a Resident Assistant. In her free time she enjoys reading, meditating, supporting student activist groups on campus, and getting more involved in the Evanston community. This is Vanessa's second year as a student rep.

Gabrielle Bieder

Gabrielle Bieder

Gabrielle Bieder is a second year Theatre Major in the Musical Theatre Certificate Program, with a minor in Political Science. Gabrielle is the Outreach Director for The Purple Crayon Players, Northwestern’s premiere Theatre For Young Audiences Board. Gabrielle is on the Executive Board for the 79th Annual Dolphin Show where she serves as the Community Development Director. She is also the Alumni Relations Director for The 90th Annual Waa-Mu show.

In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys walks on the lakefill, playing with dogs, and spending time in the greatest city in the world, her home, New York!


Other Student Representatives

  • Dan Rodriguez
  • Ev Hong
  • Michael Maegher