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How can I report or express concerns about the conduct of a student or student group?

You can report concerns in a variety of ways. You can send an email to the Office of Community Standards. You can also come to the OCS office (Scott Hall, Room 35) to talk to a staff member, or you can provide information to any University Hearing Officer. Incident reports are also commonly received through University entities including, but not limited to: Residential ServicesNorthwestern University Police Department, and Fraternity and Sorority Life, as well as the Evanston Police Department.

You can also submit a concern online here.

Anyone is welcome to submit an incident report to the OCS describing alleged student or student group misconduct. Incident reports should contain the following:
  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Names of individuals involved
  • Email addresses and phone numbers for individuals involved – where available
  • Narrative/description of the incident


If I call for help because my friend is really drunk but I've also been drinking, what happens to me?

If you follow the University’s Responsible Action Protocol, you will not face disciplinary action. However, you may be asked to meet with a staff member and complete an educational intervention.  Click here for more information on our Responsible Action Protocol.

How do I get a dean certification or other background checks as requested by a graduate or professional school, future employer, or other?

Please visit the Dean Certifications and Background Checks portion of our website for more information.