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Amnesty through Responsible Action

Northwestern encourages students and students groups to ensure the well-being of others by taking responsible steps to seek assistance for individuals who are intoxicated/impaired (including themselves).

Amnesty is defined as withholding disciplinary sanctions for policy violations related to alcohol or other drugs, excluding driving under the influence. Therefore, the Amnesty through Responsible Action protocol offers Amnesty to students who call, or for whom another student called, for medical assistance due to alcohol consumption or other drug use.

How Does it Work?


In medical emergencies, immediate action should be taken by calling 9-1-1 from either on or off-campus. You may also activate a University Blue Light emergency phone anywhere on campus. In non-emergency situations, help can also be sought by contacting NUPD (847-491-3456), or for residential students, your Resident Assistant on-duty or Community Service Officer (CSO) in your building.


Stay with the person until responding staff or emergency personnel arrives and you have been told your assistance is no longer needed.


Cooperate with responding staff or emergency personnel, including all requests for information and assistance.

Northwestern Students Taking Responsible Action

The following chart indicates the number of individual students and student organizations/groups who were given amnesty.

Students and Groups given Amnesty
Fiscal Year Individual Students Given Amnesty Student Organizations/Groups Given Amnesty
FY 20 47 1
FY 21 16 0
FY 22 55 2
FY 23 44 0