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Studying Abroad

Because civic and global engagement is a central to the mission of the University, many students who are registered with AccessibleNU (ANU) study in credit or non-credit programs in other countries during their Northwestern careers. For instance, ANU students participate in international programs through the Office of Undergraduate Learning Abroad and in grass-roots, service-learning programs through the Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI). For additional information visit the Accessibility Abroad page.

Who is Eligible?

For the most part, students registered with ANU are eligible to receive similar if not the same accommodations while studying internationally. However, this cannot always be guaranteed since our laws governing disability rights don't have to be honored in other countries. To begin the process of requesting accommodations for your program, please complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your study abroad adviser to explore study abroad goals, programs, locations of interest, and necessary accommodations.
  2. Confirm with your study abroad adviser what type of documentation is needed for programs of interest (which is typically verification that you're registered with ANU and a summary of your accommodations, but please ask).
  3. Email your ANU advisor specifying exactly what information needs to be sent, to whom, and their contact information.
  4. If verification is being sent to the study abroad adviser via email, you will be copied on the email; otherwise ANU staff will let you know when your request has been completed (typically within 1 week).

If you're considering a program abroad but are concerned about how your condition may impact your travel or study, please discuss this with study abroad staff. Additional resources include Mobility International USA and Diversity Abroad.