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Alternative Text

Converting Inaccessible Documents

Without realizing it, professors often provide documents that cannot be read by text reading software. These are typically documents that have been scanned from another source. Should you encounter one of these documents, you can use Northwestern's SensusAccess account to quickly create a readable version of the document. If you need the document to be fully accessible beyond SensusAccess' capabilities (headings, alt text, etc.), contact ANU.

Books in an Alternative Format

This service is available for students who have been approved to receive alternate text as part of their accommodations through AccessibleNU. Please request books as early as possible, preferably within the first week of class.

If you require your books in an alternate format, please:

Complete these steps as soon as possible. In the event that we cannot procure the title through other means, we may also ask that you drop off your copy in Evanston for conversion.