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Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of AccessibleNU

AccessibleNU reviews and maintains documentation to confirm eligibility for services and determines reasonable accommodations based on the disability barriers in the educational setting as stated in documentation and the student's shared experience. AccessibleNU's roles also include:

Roles and Responsibilities of the Faculty

Upon receiving accommodation notifications from AccessibleNU, faculty will collaborate with the student, and AccessibleNU as needed, to implement the approved accommodations. Faculty roles also include:

If you are interested, please learn more about the roles and responsibilities of students in this shared process and/or the primary laws that govern reasonable accommodation at the postsecondary level.

Addressing Accommodation Concerns

If you have a question or concern related to a student’s accommodation, you should contact ANU as opposed to reaching out to the student. Some accommodations are more complex and may raise concerns about proper implementation. A brief discussion with ANU typically clears up any concerns.

If you are concerned that an accommodation fundamentally alters a course/program requirement, ANU will work with you to determine if there is a fundamental alteration and, if so, determine an alternative accommodation. To address fundamental alteration concerns in a timely manner, please contact ANU to initiate the discussion. The following topics will be helpful in coming to a solution:

Once an initial agreement has been reached, ANU will share the implementation details or potential changes with the student to assure disability barrier removal is still occurring with this alternative. If the student has any concerns with the initial agreement, there may be need for further discussion. After gathering all relevant information from the student and the professor, ANU will make the final reasonable accommodation determination.