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The majority of note taking requests can be accomplished through the use of technology tools available through ANU. These tools include:

In limited situations, students may not be able to utilize note-taking technology in which a peer note-taker may be approved instead. These additional notes are supplemental and not meant to be a replacement for attending class or taking your own notes.

To receive peer notes:

  • Request the peer note taking accommodation as part of your accommodation notifications emails
  • Attend class and determine if peer notes are necessary. If so, confirm the need for peer notes in the ANU database.
  • Notes are received electronically through the ANU database and ANU coordinates the hiring and payment of all note-takers.

Downloading notes from the ANU database

  • Once ANU has hired a note-taker, the note-taker is provided with an account on the ANU database to upload notes.
  • Follow these steps for downloading notes:

Applying to be a note taker

To apply to be a note taker, please complete the note taker application process.