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Providing equal access for students with disabilities is a shared university responsibility. AccessibleNU is committed to collaborating with you to ensure that students' accommodations needs are met in the classroom. AccessibleNU supports faculty and instructors with resources, consultations, and trainings.

Please email AccessibleNU or call us directly at 847-467-5530 if you have any questions or concerns about accommodation notifications or problem solving accommodation implementation in your course. 

Accessibility Syllabus Statement

To encourage an inclusive environment for students with disabilities, please include the following statement on your syllabus:

Northwestern University is committed to providing the most accessible learning environment as possible for students with disabilities. Should you anticipate or experience disability-related barriers in the academic setting, please contact AccessibleNU to move forward with the university’s established accommodation process (e:; p: 847-467-5530). If you already have established accommodations with AccessibleNU, please let me know as soon as possible, preferably within the first two weeks of the term, so we can work together to implement your disability accommodations. Disability information, including academic accommodations as part of a student’s educational record, is confidential under FERPA regulations.

Testing Accommodations

If a student is eligible for testing accommodations, you will receive an accommodation notification email from AccessibleNU. The student receiving accommodations is instructed to contact you early in the term to discuss implementing their testing accommodations.  Due to space limitations and providing easier access for students to ask questions during exams, it is always preferred, if possible, for you to proctor your tests for students in your class who require accommodation. 

Exams Proctored by Professor/TA 

AccessibleNU asks that you proctor for groups of 4 or more students with accommodations. AccessibleNU will not ask you to proctor tests for students who are approved for higher level accommodations such as computer use, double time, assistive technology usage, or private testing room. 

As soon as you receive the accommodation notification email(s) from AccessibleNU stating testing accommodations have been approved, reserve space to administer accommodated exams. Options include:

Alternatively, exams can be proctored remotely using Lockdown Browser or Respondus Monitor.

Exams Proctored by AccessibleNU

If a you are unable to proctor a student's test and have fewer than 4 students requiring testing accommodations in your class, you and the student should communicate about the student taking the exam at AccessibleNU and follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the student's Alternative Testing Contract (available via a link inside a red box in the student's accommodation email) to initiate this arrangement. Filling it out once covers all students in the class.
  2. Instruct the student(s) to schedule their test through AccessibleNU's database at least one week prior to each test. Note: You are not able to schedule exams at AccessibleNU for your students.
  3. Upload a copy of your exam via the ANU database or email a copy of the exam to at least 72 hours in advance and notify ANU if anything changes on the test. 
Additional Considerations

If a change in testing arrangements is necessary (such as a change of exam date or time), AccessibleNU must be notified immediately. If a student wishes to reschedule an exam, AccessibleNU must have written or verbal approval from you.

Unless specifically allowed by the instructor, books, notes, cell phones, or any other non-essential items will not be allowed into the testing room. Students are permitted to exit the testing room only to use the restroom.