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About Us

The Northwestern University AccessibleNU (ANU) unit is responsible for the academic accommodation determination and coordination process for students with disabilities. ANU aims to identify educational barriers, problem solve to create equitable learning environments, communicate referral options for disability evaluation and academic assistance, and establish best practices for disability inclusion. Northwestern University honors disability as one of the many forms of diversity on our campus and as such, we actively collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to achieve access goals.

Our Vision

We will be full partners in the student learning experience.

Our Mission

AccessibleNU supports and empowers students with disabilities by collaborating with the Northwestern community to ensure equal access to fully participate in the academic learning environment. 

Our Values

Creativity: Innovative and forward-thinking solutions to classroom and campus access that is informed by universal design

Collaboration: Work proactively with our campus colleagues to serve as a resource that focuses on creating a welcoming, accessible environment in all aspects of university life

Inclusivity: Partner with the Northwestern University community to ensure equal access; inclusion for all is a shared responsibility

Diversity: Disability is one of the many forms of identities that contributes to a thriving campus community

Integrity: Representation of disability in dialogue and decision-making processes across the institution

Student Learning: Using self-advocacy and self-determination skills, support students through their development as they learn to navigate college and beyond