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Loan Process

Students and Parents may choose to obtain loans to help finance education expenses. Northwestern has information to assist in the Application Process, informing you about your Borrower Obligations and providing you the basics for the Repayment of your student loan.

Application information

  • The Northwestern Loan application is available online. Students must initiate the process by completing the student portion on the NU Loan application through CAESAR . (CAESAR > Student Homepage >Financial Aid > Institutional Loan Application).  Once the student initiates the process, the parent borrower will receive an ID and password for the online Northwestern Loan Application (NLA) to complete the application. Should you require further information, contact the Student Finance representative.

Application Process

  • This 3 step process outlines the information and process in applying for financial assistance for Domestic students. Eligibility requirements for financial aid is also available for International students.  

Borrower Obligations

  • This table outlines the borrower obligations for the loan type, interest accrual and principal repayment.


  • This section provides information for the payment schedule, payment method and payment problems as it relates to your student loan.