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Move In

Moving into a new house or apartment can be exciting. Our hope is that you have as smooth of a transition as possible! Make sure to keep the following points in mind while getting settled into your new place.

Update Your Information

Northwestern University CAESAR

Northwestern uses this information in the case of an emergency to contact you, as well as important other functions. Be sure to update:

Check your property

Take photos and download the Property Checklist (Word doc). Making notes on a Property Checklist and having photos of the condition of a residence before you move in can be essential if there is a dispute over the return of a security deposit.

Establish Utility Accounts

Call or Sign up Online to Establish Utility Accounts

Are electricity and other utilities covered as part of your rent? If not, make sure you start accounts with the providers for any utilities you pay for. If you forget to do this your utilities can be shut off without notice.

Dispose of Large Items Properly

Former residents of your unit may have left undesired large items such as couches. If you don't plan to sell or keep the items, you need to call the City of Evanston at 311 (or 847.448.4311 if calling from a number outside the city) or contact them via the Evanston City website to have these items disposed of. The City normally charges a small fee.

Meet your neighbors