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How to Move In

Before You Move In

Download the "How to Move In" PDF

  • Memorize your lease’s move-in date and times.
  • Verify with your landlord that your unit will be ready by your move-in date and arrange picking up apartment keys.
  • Take photos of the apartment BEFORE moving in, looking for scratches, cracks, paint chips, broken furniture and windows/doors.
  • Email these photos to yourself and your landlord with timestamp.

Ask Yourself

  • How will you and your roommates divide up furnishing costs? Think cookware, furniture, decorations.
  • Where will you store the things you purchase before your move-in date? A storage unit? With parents? With friends? Is your apartment an option?
  • Got pets? Be sure to check with your landlord that pets are allowed and consider who will be responsible for feeding and exercising them.

Moving In

  • Borrow a friend's car (offer to help with gas money or thank them another way!)
  • Grab a friend (or two, or three, as many as possible!) to help or hire professionals.
  • Rent a moving van or a car, and see which services offer student discounts on the WildCARD website

Getting Set Up

Decide with your roommates on where things should go and consider:
  • Is it more important to have a dining room table, or should that be a homework zone?
  • Do you all want the couches up against a wall or in the center of the space?

No Furniture? No Problem!

  • Check the “Free and For Sale” NU Facebook group.
  • Check SustainNU, Brown Elephant, Salvation Army, and other second-hand stores in Chicago and Evanston.
  • Check online retailers for discounted furniture or buy new and have it shipped.