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Find Housing

While living off-campus can be a great experience, finding good housing can be challenging. Northwestern University has partnered with, a website that provides off-campus housing solutions for post-secondary students, faculty, staff and other community members. This service is FREE for students to use for finding a place to live off-campus, posting a sublet or finding a roommate.
Graduate students enrolled in the following academic programs can access additional housing resources:

Program Disclaimer

The NU Off-Campus Life Office does not endorse any landlord, management company, or individual who lists with the Places4Students or other residence-finding-services on this website.

Neither Northwestern University nor the NU Off-Campus Life Office guarantees in any manner the service or quality of service offered by listed landlord, management companies, or individuals. Students, parents, and other members of the University and Evanston/Chicago-metro community are under no obligation to utilize the NU Off-Campus Life Office or to rent from companies or individuals listed with the NU Off-Campus Life Office.

The NU Off-Campus Life acts in an advisory capacity only and does not make reservations, appointments, rental commitments or participate in any negotiations with landlords. Individuals must, on their own, meet with the landlords, inspect the apartments, and make the lease arrangements, which are civil contracts not involving the university.