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Being a Good Neighbor

This video is the first of a series on Being a Good Neighbor. You can find the other 'Being a Good Neighbor' videos on You Tube.

Living off-campus means joining the Evanston or Chicago community. Your neighbors are not just your friends down the hall. They are families, professionals, and non-student residents who keep very different hours and lifestyles than students. As a part of the community, it’s important that you recognize and abide by some basic responsibilities as a neighbor.

Off-Campus Life has outlined some guidelines to build positive community relationships. We need your help in creating good and lasting neighborhood relations, abiding by city codes, and ensuring you have a great off-campus experience!

Download our 'Being a Good Neighbor (PDF)' here.

Meet Your Neighbors

Consider Those Around You

Stay in Touch with Your Neighbors

Some Easy Action Items

Keep in mind that the top two issues that attract negative attention are noise and trash!