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How to Eat Well

Download the "How to Eat Well" PDF

Plan Ahead

  • Do you have cookware, dishes, and utensils, or will you purchase them?
  • Consider transportation. How will you get to the grocery store?
  • How often will you dine out or purchase food on campus?
  • Do you need to learn to cook? Attend regular cooking demos taught by NU Off-Campus Life and Northwestern Dining.

Dining Out

  • Many restaurants offer the WildCARD Advantage student discount, so take advantage of the great restaurants in Evanston and Chicago
  • Look for coupons or special promotional deals to make dining out more affordable

On Campus Dining

  • Check out Northwestern Dining for meal plan options or load up your WildCARD with Cat Cash to buy food at dining halls and C-stores

Trips to the Grocery Store

  • Make a list. Your shopping will be faster and you’ll be less likely to forget important items
  • Consider spoilage. Be sure that you can actually eat everything you buy before it expires
  • Utilize the Shop-N-Ride Shuttle that operates on most Sundays (takes you round-trip to Target, Best Buy, OfficeMax, Jewel, and Old Orchard Mall)
  • Consider renting a car for an hour or a day so you can stock up during your trip
  • Visit the “Free and For Sale” NU Facebook group to find inexpensive cookware

Talk With Roommates

  • Set expectations about washing dishes to prevent disputes over cleanliness
  • Determine what items are communal. Think about salt, olive oil, sugar, etc.
  • Coordinate trips to the store to prevent double purchases of communal items and so you can grab something a roommate might need