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How to Find Housing - International

Location, Location, Location

Download the "How to Find Housing-International Edition" PDF

More housing search tips in our "How To Find Housing" brochure (developed in collaboration with the International Office)
  • How far from campus do you want to live?
  • Do not forget about rain, snow, and heat
  • Identify the neighborhood you want to live in
  • Think about safety

Think About Your Budget

  • Rent and deposit amount. Will you live with a roommate?
  • Cost of monthly utilities. Which utilities are included?
  • Is it furnished? Can you afford furnishing it?
  • Where do you plan to eat?

Find Your Perfect Place

  • Go to for listings
  • Talk to rental companies about availability in your preferred location
  • Try to visit the actual apartment before signing or arrange a video call from the place

Ask the Landlord

  • What are the measurements of your room?
  • Who are the neighbors?
  • Will your landlord take care of repairs and maintenance promptly?
  • Where can I do laundry?
  • Is the place heated in winter?

Before Signing Your Lease

  • Understand your lease. Learn more on this NU Off-Campus Life website
  • Record property conditions in the Property Checklist available on our website
  • Take pictures with the landlord to avoid unnecessary costs when moving out

Move In & Stay Involved

  • Stay in touch with the International Office and NU Off-Campus Life
  • Check NU Calendar of
  • Like “NU Off-Campus Life” on Facebook
  • Don’t miss events for off-campus students