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Angela Mears

Angela Mears

Hometown: Los Angeles

Major: Creative nonfiction

Key Ingredient: Foodie writes about her culinary successes on "The Spinning Plate," a food blog

What is your thesis about? It's a collection of essays about my relationship with my family. It includes a 20-page narrative on my trip to China with my mom, a Chinese immigrant who came to the United States in 1980.

Favorite Northwestern hangout: I really like the bridge between north and south campus, between Annenberg and Norris, where the ducks hang out. It's a place to reflect.

Dream job: I definitely want to write. Food writing, the kind I do on my blog, is a happy marriage of my two passions — cooking and writing. If I were to cook for a living, I would love to have my own restaurant, make my own hours. That would be killer.

Photo by Peter Barreras

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