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Qualifications, Stipend, Benefits & Supports

Prior to the fellowship start date, Sport Psychology Fellowship applicants must have completed:

Sport Psychology Fellowship

The Sport Psychology Fellowship is designed for an individual who is pursuing licensure as a psychologist and is seeking specialized experience providing mental health and mental performance services to a NCAA Division I student-athlete population. Candidates should be highly motivated, doctoral graduates of APA-accredited counseling or clinical psychology programs, who have completed an APA-accredited doctoral internship. Experience working with student-athletes and collegiate settings is preferred, though not required. Candidates who have a strong interest in collegiate student-athlete mental health and in working with intercollegiate teams and staff is desirable. Qualified candidates will have strong clinical skills in counseling, intake assessment, and crisis management. A solid understanding of professional ethics and boundaries, demonstrated ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and commitment to an anti-racist workplace are a must.

The position is one year in duration with a start date on July 29, 2024.  The position carries a stipend of at least $55,000 plus benefits.  (For the purpose of benefits information, please note that CAPS Postdoctoral Fellows are identified as "Postdoctoral Scholars" by the University.)  

Overview of Benefits and Supports

Below is a brief overview of Fellow benefits and supports. For a comprehensive description of 2023-2024 benefits for Postdoctoral Scholars, use this link or contact Human Resources at 847-491-4700.

*Fellows are expected to closely monitor their use of all leave time to ensure sufficient progress is being made toward hour requirements for IL licensure.

**Regarding remote work, Student Affairs (SA) will make concerted efforts to provide notice if this option for employees will change. However, when necessary, SA may make changes to this option -- temporarily or permanently, and with or without notice -- for business or organizational needs, special work functions or activities, seasonal variations, or performance. When considering remote work options, CAPS also strongly recommends that postdocs review licensure requirements in states and territories of interest related to telehealth and telesupervision.

***Eligible periods for use of EPPP study time will vary by office.  

****Dependent Care FSA contributions can be used to fund day care expenses, and if eligible, the university will match Fellow contributions up to a specified amount.