Medical Leave of Absence

When students experience a mental health condition that interferes significantly with their ability to function safely and successfully at NU, they may request a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) through the Dean of Students Office.

MLOA allows time away from the university for treatment and recovery, with the goal of restoring health and functioning.

More information on MLOA’s is available on the Dean of Students Webpage. If considering an MLOA, CAPS recommends students and their families check their student’s insurance carrier to make sure health insurance coverage continues while on leave.

Reinstatement from Medical Leave of Absence Instructions

  1. Submit the form online to the Dean of Students Office. Note the Medical Leave of Absence deadlines 
  2. Where it asks about CAPS, put “in progress”.
  3. Send your CAPS contact (the person who processed your leave of absence; CAPS’ front desk can identify this person at 847-491-2151) a list of all therapists, psychiatrists, treatment programs, hospitals, mental health professionals etc., where you have received treatment on leave. Include contact information (phone, fax, email if possible).
  4. Give the Provider Report (PDF) to all these professionals. Ask that they complete it and return it to your CAPS contact.
  5. AFTER your CAPS contact receives the reports, they will contact you to schedule an interview either by phone or in person.
  6. Please email your CAPS contact the names of the LOCAL therapist and psychiatrist or treatment program you plan to work with if you are cleared to return to classes. If you need to find local provider(s), CAPS contact can help you with this.
  7. Let your CAPS contact know ASAP if there are questions or problems.