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Treasury Electronic Payment Request

Departments or schools will request an electronic payment to an outside party in emergency or extremely time-sensitive situations. If your department or school has an urgent need to pay a domestic or international vendor electronically, and your request has been approved by your department manager and Accounts Payable, you may complete, sign and submit one of the following forms and send to:

Non-Urgent Requests

All non-emergency wire transfer requests will be addressed same day if received by the Accounts Payable department by 11 AM CT. If the non-emergency wire transfer request arrives in Accounts Payable after this cut-off time, it will generally be processed the next business day.

Urgent Requests

If your request is urgent, every attempt will be made to complete the transaction if received prior to 3:30PM CT. 

Daily Deadline

Requests received after 3:30PM CT cannot be processed online and will be completed the following business day.