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Tax and Regulatory Services

Tax guidance concerning University tax matters and state and local business registrations are provided by the Tax and Regulatory Services unit. 

Tax and Regulatory Services provides tax advisory and analytical services to enable schools, departments, and units to achieve their business needs while helping ensure legal compliance and protection of the University's tax-exempt status. Our goal is to deliver quality tax and business registration services to support University activity and effectively manage and mitigate tax risks. 
619 Clark Street
Evanston, IL 60208


Pavanti Prasad Rugg
Senior Tax Officer
Tax and Regulatory Services

Shereen Olickal
Tax Accountant
Tax and Regulatory Services

Shawn Cabinian
Business Regulatory Compliance Administrator 
Tax and Regulatory Services

Edward Park
Business Regulatory Compliance Administrator
Tax and Regulatory Services


From Northwestern's Standards for Business Conduct

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations: The University conducts its business in a heavily regulated environment, and compliance with laws is important as a matter of legal responsibility as well as ethics. Faculty and staff must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations relevant to the performance of their University responsibilities. They should recognize that noncompliance can have severe adverse financial and other consequences, potentially affecting the reputation and operations of the entire University. Everyone has a duty to become informed about and keep current with relevant legal obligations. The Office of General Counsel should be asked for advice whenever the interpretation of an applicable law is in doubt.

Personal Tax Assistance Disclaimer

The University does not provide personal tax advice. We encourage you to contact a professional tax advisor for assistance with your personal income tax questions.  The information on this site is for general University informational purposes only and should not be relied on for personal tax assistance.