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University Hearing and Appeals System

The purpose of the student conduct process, known as the University Hearing and Appeals System (UHAS) is to promote integrity, civility, respect, and accountability within the University community and to provide prompt, fair, and impartial means for resolving situations in which a Northwestern student(s) or student groups/organizations are alleged to have violated a nonacademic standard or policy of the University.

The process is detailed in this section as follows:

1. Scope of The Code

Scope of The Code – In order to fully understand the UHAS, it is important to have an understanding of some of the foundational aspects of the system.

2. Reports & Initial Inquiry 

Reports and Initial Inquiry – The student conduct process begins when the Office of Community Standards receives a report or a referral.

3. Interim Actions

Interim Actions – At times, the University may take action to ensure the safety and security of the Northwestern community and its members while resolution of a student conduct case is pending.

4. Informal Resolution

Informal Resolution – Reporters may prefer or the University may determine that an allegation is best resolved through informal means.

5. Formal Resolution

Formal Resolution – The University uses a formal resolution process to resolve alleged policy violations and, when applicable, to assign sanctions.