Marketing User Group-MUG

Spring 2018-New Website Redesign Update

Hi Marketing User Group!

I know it has been awhile. With James leaving and the web site redesign becoming a bigger picture project involving Global Marketing we have been a bit in limbo. Thanks for being patient. Here is the current state of the upcoming web redesign:


We have worked extensively with Global Marketing, who performed surveys of students and staff to see our sites as they currently are and what could be improved, what works and what doesn’t. They looked at all of your sites, looked at Google Analytics and determined a great selection of modules that should be great options for us to work with. We then worked with them on the overall look and design to give us a Student Affairs identity. I am happy to say that now, this process has reached the point where they are now creating the code for us to start working with. The current timeline should have us actually moving departments over next month some time. I will keep you posted if that should change but we are all eager to get moving ahead.


We will start with the Student Affairs Home Page and probably one smaller department site to get comfortable with the process and then we will be working with each of you to do your migration. We will sit down with each of you to discuss what we could do to improve your site and better lay out your content. The priority of sites we will work on will have to do with a few different elements:

  • SALT prioritizing – SALT will have an initial say of who should be migrated first based on their needs.
  • Timeliness- NSFP and Res Services will probably be in the start since they are very fall reliant.
  • How prepared you are. - Get your sites cleaned up right now, think about restructuring if you have not already and how you would like to potentially layout your site.

This is not a gurantee of how we will lay it out, but it will give us a place to start when we look at all of the options available to you. Whoever is ready to go will be the next to go.


The site will be unique to Student Affairs, however, it will be similar to the other NU Schools/Divisions. What will happen is we will meet with you before working on yoru site and figure which options are best for you and how we want to lay it out. You will have a lot of flexibility to arrange your home page the way you want. (Not everything) but most of your primary content we will be able to move around and figure out the best way to show your navigation.

So, don’t get too bogged down to specific layout, just concentrate on content. As soon as we have something to show you we will get you going.


So, with all of this, I am really trying to minimize trainings in the current Cascade. The new design is going to require all of us to be retrained in the new interface and structure. Each of you will be trained when we get to your site. In the meantime, I am happy to help you with immediate updates.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again if you need any help with updates right now, let me know and I will be happy to help! Feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel should be in the know.

Thanks so much and I look forward to working with all of you on the new design. - Jill

  • Missing something important? Let us know! We will try to include it this time or next.

If you or anyone in your department would like to join our Marketing User Group (MUG) you can sign up here.

Twice a quarter during the academic year Student Affairs Marketing invites all of our department staff interested in marketing or who part of your job description involves marketing of your department, to join us for the latest in ways to communicate with our students and parents and ways to tell our story. We call this group our MUG or Marketing User Group.

We cover everything from:

  • Digital & email marketing
  • Global marketing of Northwestern guidelines
  • Student Affairs Brand Book updates
  • Student Affairs Website
    • Cascade tips and best practices
    • Google analytics and how to use the information
  • Design tips and interactive exercises to create ads
  • Feedback and tips from students
  • Best practices & successful campaigns within the division
  • Keeping up with Social Media
  • As well any other subjects our group would like to touch on...