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Design Templates

We understand that many of our clients have design projects that pop up after our project request form has closed. We want to make sure you still have opportunities to advertise your events, programs, and info about the great work going on across the division. We have created 20+ different design templates for you to choose from with both print and digital advertising options.

Each of the 20+ design templates have an option for:

Each of the designs allow Northwestern staff and students with Adobe Acrobat Pro to replace text with information unique to their event, program, department, etc.

Staff in the Division of Student Affairs should have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro on the computer assigned to them by the division. If you have questions or concerns with accessing this program, please contact SAIT at

Tutorials & Guidelines

We've created video tutorials and a written tutorial to make it easy for you to get started, if you have questions about the files or need help, please contact us at:


Nine of the designs have the option to insert photos. Photos must be:

If you need photos or have questions about photos, please contact