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Social Media Strategies & More


  • Connect with students, student organizations, University departments, and surrounding community through online conversations.
  • Promote events/areas to demonstrate the diverse number of groups and events in your department throughout the year.
  • Develop a strong relationship with followers through creative, relevant posts.
  • Utilize images, mentions (tags), and hashtags to better tell your department's story.


  • Be respectful.
  • Strive for accuracy.
  • Remember your audience.
  • Keep personal views separate from your department's posts.
  • Do not share confidential or private information.
  • Respect copyrighted materials.
  • Use proper grammar.
  • Be appropriate – updates represent your department and Northwestern University.
  • Correct mistakes.

Best Practices

  • Be strategic with social media.
  • Review post before pushing send. (spelling, grammar, links, etc.)
  • Use appropriate language, features, and number of characters.
  • Strive to use less than 100 characters per tweet (including links).
  • Don’t put links to Facebook from Twitter or vice versa.
  • Don’t use #hashtags in Facebook.
  • Properly tag accounts/handles.

Make it a Conversation

  • Monitor mentions of your department and its areas.
  • Retweet mentions when appropriate.
  • Thank users for retweets.
  • Ask for retweets, yes ask.
  • Answer questions/address complaints immediately.

Images, Links & Hashtags

  • Use images to drive the highest engagement.
  • Include links (With URL shorteners if necessary)
  • Ensure links work.
  • Don’t use more than two hashtags.
  • Facebook: Only include image if it relates to post. / Edit web page title and body text to relate to the update.


  • Keep users organized in proper lists. (Twitter)
  • Monitor mentions and other conversations about your department and its areas.
  • Monitor Northwestern’s departments, groups, faculty/staff, and students.

Live-Tweeting Resources