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SAM Glossary

For Clients To Know

CONTENT: The information we want the audience to know.

  1. Event time, location, date.
  2. Speaker name, title, bio etc.
  3. Word document with write up of information
  4. Language used for description
  5. Title of event

COPY:  Text/Language used for the project

CONCEPT:  Initial draft of visual ideas to layout a direction of the project. The concept phase is the time to voice opinions whether you like or dislike a direction. Concepts are meant to give an idea of what the final piece may be and is NOT a final example of the end product. It can be as rough as a sketch by hand and colors, logos, details are not final and should be talked about at this points.

DRAFT:  This is an unfinished mock-up of the project. Drafts will include a watermark that reads SAM Draft. These are meant to communicate the working idea and are open to edits. However, only 3 rounds of edits are allowed during this drafting process.

DELIVERABLES: Projects/items (e.g. flyers, postcards, TV ads) made by SAM.

ROUGH CUT:  Similar to a draft, the rough cut is a tentative mock-up/piecing together for video projects. Once again, edits can be communicated. However, there are only 2 rounds of edits allowed during the video editing process.

FINAL CUT:  This is the finalized video project. No edits are allowed once the project has been sent.

VOICE OVER:  Recorded audio that plays over a video or motion graphic.

CLOSED CAPTIONING:  Text overlaid on a video to aid viewers.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Techniques/mechanisms to help viewers with disabilities (e.g. the visually impaired).

ALTERNATIVE TEXT:  When hovering over a photo on a digital medium, pop-up text appears to aid viewers in deciphering the photo.

FLYER VS. POSTER: These deliverables are important to distinguish, for they have different dimensions. Flyers are 8.5" by 11"; posters are 11" by 17".

EMAIL GRAPHIC vs. SOCIAL vs. TV AD: These are digital mediums. An email graphic, otherwise known as a Listserv graphic, is sent via email or in another type of virtual newsletter. The dimension are 640 pixels by 360 pixels. Social graphic dimensions may vary, but these deliverables are meant to be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. As for TV ads, the dimensions are the same. They will be publicized around campus (residential halls, Norris, etc.) with the dimensions of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Design that is translatable between different channels. For example, when designing the cover photo for Facebook, we account for the fact that some sections of the design may be cut off between desktop and mobile in spacing and orientation.

DIVERSITY:  Accurate representation of the demographic of the university

CMYK:  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black - This color combination represents ink colors for print projects including posters, flyers, postcards, and so on.

RGB:  Red, Green, Blue. This color combinations represents digital colors for web projects (anything that appears on a screen), including email graphics, Facebook cover photos, and so on.

SHORT VIDEO:  Short-length content that is more suitable for social and more brief viewership.

LONG VIDEO:  A video with longer content (more than 5 minutes). These usually include multiple elements and require a storyboarding/scriptwriting process.

BLEED:  There is no white border around a printed deliverables; the background color or image extends to the end of the page.

TRIM:  There is a white border around the printed deliverable, thereby trimming the background color or image.

PRINTER VENDOR: SAM outsources printing to a third-party. Prices may vary depending on the size of the project.

PRINTER IN HOUSE:  Printing within your own office.