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Interfaith at Northwestern is inclusive of religious, spiritual, and philosophical pathways which seek to establish meaning and purpose in life. This interfaith movement happens in formal and informal ways, and is supported and encouraged by the office of Religious & Spiritual Life.

Our Mission Statement is:

“to promote competency, foster community, and build collaboration among religious, spiritual and philosophical pathways of meaning and purpose in

You may be interested in Interfaith activities if you:

The Interfaith Initiative at Northwestern University (NUii) exists because all faiths offer valuable insight and deserve mutual respect. NUii's chief objective is to promote and spread awareness of religious pluralism by increasing constructive communication between religiously diverse peers within the Northwestern community. This insists upon an appreciation of individual differences and shared values.

Therefore, on the inter-organizational level, NUii serves as a nexus for campus religious groups to coordinate cosponsored programming. In addition, we welcome people of all types of backgrounds, including those who claim a faith and those who do not.

We hold weekly hour-long meetings. Each meeting starts off with a free dinner. Afterwards, we introduce our discussion topic, guest speakers, or event theme and have an evening filled with lasting conversations and challenging questions.


This We Believe Northwestern is based on the popular National Public Radio program, “This I Believe,” ( where regular people create and share short essays reflecting on an aspect of their personal philosophy.

Organizations throughout the country have developed their own versions of the program, and have built community and space for reflection. At Northwestern, we successfully piloted the program in the spring of 2012. Over four weeks, small groups meet over a meal to write and share their own essays in a supportive environment. It is one way we can build deeper connections with students, staff, and faculty.

This We Believe Northwestern grew out of a group of Northwestern staff working on implementing and assessing the spirituality learning domain of the Division of Student Affairs.

If you would like to nominate a student or staff/faculty member, please contact Eric Budzynski at You may also nominate yourself(!) or inquire about more information on this fantastic program.


The month of April is dedicated to fostering interfaith understanding among student, faculty and staff at Northwestern. Stay tuned for more information on Wildcat Interfaith Programming!