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In Crisis

We are here to listen, support, and help!

University chaplains and campus ministers are trained religious professionals on campus to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff of any or no religious affiliation. All conversations are held in confidence. The chaplains are equipped with training and experience in counseling. They can also refer to appropriate psychological or psychiatric resources if necessary.

To connect with a chaplain, please contact 


Belief & Identity

College years are times of change in a young adult’s life and can bring great turmoil as the student begins to question the very basis of their identity and belief systems.

Faith Issues & Moral Questions

Whether familiar with a religious tradition or not, the student may encounter particular concerns with faith issues or moral questions.


The sustained relationships of family and childhood friends often change and grow during this period of transition while new friendships and romantic partnerships are often encountered.


Religious guidance can offer a different perspective on issues of sexuality. Questions of becoming sexually active, exploring sexual identity, and dealing with sexual assault may be discussed openly.

Vocation & Career Choice

The choice of a vocation and career are intrinsically linked with the questions of purpose, meaning, and faith.

High Pressure Religious Groups

You or someone you may know is being pressured into a destructive and manipulative group or cult.

Feelings of Guilt

Students may experience an intense feeling of guilt over the choices they have made or may seek forgiveness or understanding from a confidential counseling session.

Hospitalization or Prolonged Illness

Illnesses or injuries away from home may be a frightening experience. A visit or time spent together can reassure the student that they are not alone.

Death & Dying

A close friend or family member has died recently and the student needs a safe space to talk. A prolonged illness or accident may make the student question or fear their own mortality.

Other Resources

  • If there is an immediate emergency or crisis, dial 9-1-1 or call NUPD at 847-491-3456.
  • If you want to talk to a chaplain, please email You can be connected to a confidential chaplain in Religious & Spiritual Life.
  • For more information about hazing or to report such activity, please get in touch with Hazing Prevention.
  • For more information about Title IX or to make a report, please contact Sexual Misconduct & Prevention.