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Signature Programs

Religious & Spiritual Life present three annual programs Fall Faith Fest, 40 Days of Spirituality and Baccalaureate that celebrate the religious and spiritual diversity of Northwestern.

Dinner and speaking

Fall Faith Fest

Fall Quarter

As a kick-off to the academic year, Religious & Spiritual Life bring together the religious & spiritual communities at Northwestern for an evening of community and connection. This event serves as a connection point for new and returning students to the Campus Religious Centers and religious and spiritual student organizations. 

40 Days of Spirituality

Winter Quarter

40 Days is our annual series of programs and opportunities designed to create an intentional time and space to renew, reflect, and become more aware of one's self and those around them.  Inspired by practices of many spiritual traditions to set aside a portion of the year for reflection, this program invites all of any or no particular spiritual tradition to be nourished by these events.


Spring Quarter

President Morton Schapiro and the Religious & Spiritual Life invites graduates, their families, and guests to attend Baccalaureate, an interfaith service incorporating the many traditions of the University.