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Religious Holidays


Statement on Academic Accommodations for Religious Holidays

Calendar Key

sundown-icon Begins at sundown of the first day listed.
nightfall-icon Ends at nightfall of the last day listed.
workrestrictions-icon Significant work restrictions.
fasting-foodaccom-icon Involves fasting practices or food accommodations.

Religious Holiday Calendar 2021-22

Winter 2022

Winter Quarter begins on the date listed in bold at the top of the last column.

Holiday Affiliation Jan. 3, 2022
Epiphany / Twelfth Night / Three Kings Day Christian Jan. 6


Orthodox Christian

Jan. 7

workrestrictions-iconLunar New Year

Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist Feb. 1
Imbolc / Candlemas Pagan, Wiccan Feb. 1-2
Setsubun-sai Shinto Feb. 2
Vasanta Pachami Hindu Feb. 5
Nirvana Day Buddhist Feb. 15
Magha Puja Day Buddhist Feb. 16
Maha Shivaratri Hindu Mar. 1

fasting-foodaccom-iconAsh Wednesday

Christian Mar. 2

sundown-icon nightfall-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon


Jewish Mar. 16-17


Hindu Mar. 18-19
Ostara / Spring Equinox Pagan, Wiccan Mar. 20

(New Year’s Day)

Bahá’í Mar. 21

Spring 2022

Spring Quarter begins on the date listed in bold at the top of the last column.


Ramadan Dining Services (BEGINS Evening of Saturday, April 2, 2022, ENDS Tuesday, May 3, 2022)

Location: Foster Walker (Plex) West Side | Dining Hours: Mon.-Thu. 5 PM to 10 PM, Fr.-Sun. 4 PM to 8 PM

Passover Dining Services (BEGINS Evening of Friday, April 15, 2022, ENDS Saturday, April 23, 2022)

Location: 629 Foster St. | For information on dining hours, contact Northwestern Hillel!

Students living in a residence hall and/or with a dining plan will be able to swipe their Wildcard for a meal at Hillel during Passover. Students without a dining plan will also be able to dine in or pick up Kosher for Passover meals from Hillel thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Holiday Affiliation Mar. 29, 2022

sundown-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon


Islam Apr. 2 - May 2

Palm Sunday

Christian Apr. 10

(New Year’s Day)

Sikh Apr. 13-14
Maundy Thursday Christian Apr. 14
Mahavira-Jayanti Jain Apr. 14
fasting-foodaccom-iconGood Friday Christian Apr. 15

sundown-icon nightfall-icon workrestrictions-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon

Pesach (Passover)

Jewish Apr. 15-23
workrestrictions-iconEaster Christian Apr. 17
sundown-iconThe Festival of Ridván Bahá’í Apr. 21 - May 2
workrestrictions-iconPascha (Easter) Orthodox Christian Apr. 24

sundown-icon nightfall-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon

Yom HaShoah

Jewish Apr. 27-28
Beltane Pagan, Wiccan Apr. 30 - May 1

sundown-icon workrestrictions-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon

Eid al-Fitr

Islam May 2-3
fasting-foodaccom-iconVesak / Buddha Day Buddhist May 15
Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh Bahá’í May 29

sundown-icon nightfall-icon workrestrictions-icon 


Jewish Jun. 4-6

Summer 2022

Summer Quarter begins on the date listed in bold at the top of the last column.

Holiday Affiliation Jun. 21, 2022
Litha / Midsomer / Summer Solstice Pagan, Wiccan Jun.21

sundown-icon workrestrictions-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon

Eid al-Adha

Islam Jul. 9-10

sundown-icon nightfall-icon fasting-foodaccom-icon

Tisha B'Av

Jewish Aug. 6-7
fasting-foodaccom-iconKrishna Janmashtami Hindu Aug. 18-19
fasting-foodaccom-iconParyushana Parva Jain Aug. 23